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"Art is unthinkable without risk and self-sacrifice."

Boris Pasternak



In Demand–Terry Fallis and No Relation

Hem’s very bad day has meant very good and very busy days for Terry Fallis. His novel No Relation, released in June, has generated dozens of invitations to literary festivals, book clubs and community events across 3000 miles: British Columbia to Nova Scotia, and dozens of places in Ontario vacation country. For an introduction to Hem, who is “no relation” to Ernest Hemmingway, whom he believes has blighted his life, see this charming book trailer:




The Winding Path of Historical Research

To write The Harem Midwife, Vancouver author Roberta Rich immersed herself in the culture of the seraglio, the sequestered living quarters of wives and concubines in Ottoman Turkey. It led her to beauty creams and unguents, and to experiments in reproducing them in her kitchen.
The Harem Midwife has been successfully launched in eight countries so far, but Roberta is still chin deep in cream.

“My latest triumph was a night cream I formulated especially for my sister using among other ingredients beeswax and pumpkin oil and vitamin E. In Mexico I sourced out a supplier of organic macadamia oil and made some excellent products. I have also branched out into body scrubs and made a truly excellent sugar exfoliating scrub with shea butter and carrot tissue oil.”

She adds, with characteristic humor: I am thinking of changing my name to either Esteé or Helena.”

Two Experts Reveal Secrets for Raising Smart, Happy Kids

Dona Matthews and Joanne Foster believe that every child has the chance to succeed with the right tools. This is their mission in their new book Beyond Intelligence: Secrets for Raising Happily Productive Kids. They reject the concept that intelligence is a “have or have-not” quality. Parents can nurture and support intelligence in their children, help them learn from failure and cultivate their unique gifts. Based on neuroscience and their knowledge of child development, this book is essential for parents and educators.

“Parents everywhere will be edified and empowered by this inspiring book”- Publisher’s Weekly, starred review


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