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"Art is unthinkable without risk and self-sacrifice."

Boris Pasternak



The Fortunate Brother Brings Donna Morrissey back to UK Readers

Donna Morrissey's suspenseful and compassionate masterpiece The Fortunate Brother, which launched to best-seller status in Canada, will soon be available to UK readers when Canongate's edition appears in April 2017.

With The Fortunate Brother, we see the full range of human longing, redemption, and exultation through the life of the Now family in a remote fishing village in the North Atlantic. Great environmental and technological disruptions shake both land and society. The fish are gone, sucking out livelihood. This real place takes on a mythic timelessness in Morrissey's powerful story, which weaves love, grief, and murder.




Terry Fallis and his identical twin brother.

Author! Author!

Terry Fallis knows about identical twins: He has an identical twin brother, and this deep knowledge is the wellspring for his forthcoming novel, One Brother Shy.

In this tale, the brothers are separated at birth and their stories unfold against the background of the Cold War, international hockey, London's high tech culture, and the severe psychic wounds of bullying.

Author Joseph Kertes writes that "[One Brother Shy] is a wonderful, powerful tale of pain and redemption. Treat yourself to One Brother Shy—you’ll get to see one of Canada’s finest storytellers at the top of his game."

Check out Terry's free podcasts of the novel on iTunes.

A Trial in Venice

A Trial in Venice, a new novel from bestselling author Roberta Rich, is set in 1579 in Veneto, among the villas of Palladio and in Venice's teeming Jewish Ghetto.

Midwife Hannah Levi rescued the newborn son of wealthy Venetians from being slain by his uncle, and fled to Contrantinople with the orphan baby Matteo. But Matteo, heir to fabulous riches, attracts the attention of the scheming Cesca and Foscari, who abscond with him to Venice. Foscari plots to have the court declare him guardian--and then kill the child. Hannah, lured to Venice to save her son, is arrested and tried for the murder of Matteo's uncle. 

This gripping, fast-paced novel, gloriously rich in detail, will be released April 2017. 





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