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"Art is unthinkable without risk and self-sacrifice."

Boris Pasternak



Portia Adams and her Sherlockian Roots

A charming new detective resides at 221 Baker St. It is London, 1930 and her name is Portia Adams. She inherited the famous digs from her grandfather John Watson. Then she discovers that she is also the granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes and the notorious Irene Adler.

Portia begins by studying law to become a respected consulting detective with the powers of observation and wit of her antecedents. Now, there are two volumes of Portia’s cases: Jewel of the Thames and Thrice Burned from the fertile imagination of Angela Misri.

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A Clash of Civilizations in Music For Love or War

Music For Love or War is a blend of Martyn Burke’s experience in far-off war zones, his brush with the decadence of Hollywood, and the neighborhoods of his Toronto boyhood.  They combine to create a soaring achievement.

Burke is the author of acclaimed novels and a renowned director of film and TV. Recently he received the “Auteur Award” from the International Press Academy. Previous recipients include George Clooney and Guillermo del Toro. His documentary Under Fire: Journalists in Combat won a Peabody Prize.

Click here to see Martyn on Tthe Global TV Morning Show.


Lighthouse-Keeping Inspires Perdita

“Scharper shines in this surprising and engaging gothic novel …impeccably researched and beautifully told…” Publishers Weekly

Through the story of Marged Brice who is 134 years old and eager to die, author Hilary Scharper invented a new genre, the Ecogothic. It emerged from her experiences as a lighthouse keeper in Canada on the wild shores of Georgian Bay. For the American debut of Perdita from Sourcebooks, Hilary will be speaking at selected lighthouses along the US eastern seaboard.

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