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"Art is unthinkable without risk and self-sacrifice."

Boris Pasternak



Farzana Doctor's Second Novel Success

All Inclusive by Toronto’s Farzana Doctor is enjoying an exciting debut. The Globe and Mail named it as one of their best books of the year. So did Kobo Canada. And readers of NOW Magazine  voted Farzana Doctor “Best Author of Toronto 2015”  trumping the much admired Margaret Atwood. The ranking on the list headed by Doctor followed by Atwood made for a treasured photo.

All Inclusive is a bold and sensitive tale of Ameera, who sells excursions at a Mexican resort. But her job is in trouble. Rumours have reached head office that she is engaging married couples in secret trysts for three. Behind the sexy humour, is the affecting story of Ameera’s past and why she will never know her father.  When a sympathetic guest with archival skills offers help, Ameera can emerge from the gaping hole in her history and the shame of her secret obsessions




Kate Hilton's American Debut

The Hole in the Middle, the delightful comic novel that caused some women to reveal that, “It made me fall in love with my husband all over again,” is traveling this spring. The Canadian bestseller is now available in the United States from Penguin Random House. Americans can enjoy the comic turns, insights, and wry social observations that catapulted author Kate Hilton to prominence.

Her heroine, Sophie Whelan, the over extended woman who does too much, has her life complicated by the reappearance of the great love of her college days –the guy who got away. Correction—he didn’t exactly “get away”, he fled and now he is testing her attachments.   

Michael Marrus Explores The Lessons of the Holocaust

When Michael Marrus was a young grad student in the 1960s studying European history, the great catastrophe of European Jews, the Holocaust, barely figured in accounts of WWII.  As Marrus and his colleagues grappled with the unfolding evidence of the murder of 6 million Jews, the Holocaust became a central event of 20th Century history.

Increasingly, scholars, readers, and witnesses have tried to grapple with its “lessons.” Marrus’s new book Lessons of the Holcaust is a reflective, personal quest to understand the meaning and limits of history when probing horrors perpetrated by humans.

Michael Marrus is a world-renowned historian of the Holocaust who writes with clear, arresting prose about complex ideas. Margaret MacMillan provides a foreword. It is published by University of Toronto Press.





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