Dave Bagby


Dance With
The Devil

Dave and Kate Bagby’s beloved son Andrew, a young doctor, was murdered in November 2001. His body, lying in a blood-soaked gravel grave, covered with a thin layer of frost, was found in Keystone State Park outside Latrobe, Pennsylvania by a man searching dumpsters for aluminum cans.

The murderer was his ex-girlfriend Shirley Turner, also a doctor, and a mother of three. Andrew had tried repeatedly to end the relationship with Turner, 12 years his senior, but she persisted.

Dr. Shirley Turner tried to cover up her crime and lied to friends and authorities. Having bought a little time, she fled to her home in Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada before charges were laid. While on bail, fighting extradition to the US, she learned she was pregnant and gave birth to Andrew’s son, Zachary.

Kate and Dave Bagby, the grieving parents, did something remarkable. They left their home in California a and moved to Newfoundland when they learned Shirley was pregnant. Their great hope was to gain custody of their grandchild.

As the case against Shirley Turner slowly wound through the legal process, and the Bagbys’ anxiety mounted, their worst fear happened. Shirley murdered 13-month old Zachary and killed herself in September 2003.


The Bagbys forced an inquiry into the case that has been the subject of headlines and a television news special. Dave Bagby writes a riveting memoir that promises to be an indictment of the judicial and social welfare system.