Bonnie Buxton


The Terrible Price of Alcohol in Pregnancy
"Buxton's heart wrenching book is a wellspring of information and compassion for families dealing with this condition and a must read for concerned parents and professionals."
—Washington Post

"This bookis a rare combination of personal experience and factual information based on careful research. Ms Buxton explores all the important aspects of FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) ?and includes comprehensive information on prevention, intervention"
- Teresa Kellerman, President, FAS Community Resource Center Tucson, AZ

"The fact that it has been written by someone with such a prominent name in the field of FASD gives it credibility and will help to ensure its sales."
- Claudia Barker, Director, Bill Dubovsky Memorial Library, Bastrop TX

This is the most important book to appear on Fetal Alcohol Disorder since Michael Dorris’s heartbreaking 1989 book, The Broken Cord, brought awareness to the subject. While his poignant experience suggested to some that it was either an aboriginal issue or a problem of the underclass, Bonnie Buxton shows the shocking scope of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Yet, since 1989, research and treatment have made great strides. Although there is no cure for the brain damage of FASD, early diagnosis and coping strategies offer help to victims, families, teachers, and community workers.

“We are all interconnected,” writes Bonnie Buxton. “In April 1979, a woman addicted to alcohol, whom I have never met, became pregnant with her third child, continued to drink throughout her pregnancy—and whirled my life into an unending orbit of love, grief, despair, and hope.”

Bonnie adopted that child, a beautiful blonde girl named Colette, without anyone realizing the source and extent of her difficulties. To help Colette navigate a dizzying array of problems, Bonnie embarked on tour of the bewildering and hidden world of FASD. Damaged Angels is a work of science and a story of a family’s love, courage and perseverance.

Thanks to Colette, now grown, who has given birth to two children, Bonnie and her husband Brian Philcox became active in FASworld, and co-founders of FAS Awareness Day observed September 9 in North America and abroad. Bonnie also gives dozens of speeches to increase awareness of FASD.

BONNIE BUXTON is a respected journalist whose work has appeared in such journals as Chatelaine, Flare, Elm Street, Readers Digest, etc. She also is a former social worker in the field of adoptions.

Knopf Canada / Spring 2004