Ron Dembo
Daniel Stoffman



Simple Rules of Risk Management for the Smart Investor

Ron Dembo is the guru of risk. His great contribution is the concept of regret in the calculations of risk and decision-making, whether it involves buying a lottery ticket or more complex procedures.

In Upside, Downside, Ron Dembo and author Daniel Stoffman present investors with three simple rules for managing their portfolio:

- Know what you own
- Use multiple scenarios
- Anticipate regret

Financial markets are volatile and increasingly complex. They are vulnerable to world events, such as terrorist attacks, weather, and epidemics – events that are certain to occur, yet utterly unpredictable.

Traditional methods of risk management are either too complex for the average investor or too crude to be useful. As a result, even knowledgeable investors are scared. They are unsure of what to do to safeguard their financial future.

Upside, Downside, empowers the individual investor as never before; no longer need he or she feel at the mercy of unforeseeable events. The future is, by nature, uncertain. Upside, Downside doesn’t remove the uncertainty. But it gives today’s investor, for the first time, the knowledge and ability to manage it.

Doubleday Canada 2005

Praise for Seeing Tomorrow: The Rules of Risk Management

“Seeing Tomorrow is a powerhouse of understanding authoritative and innovative book of risk management that is essential for both practitioners and theoreticians.”

Peter Bernstein
Author of Against the Gods:
The Remarkable Story of Risk

“Anyone with a professional interest in risk management must read it.”

Stephen A. Ross
Fischer Black Visiting Professor
of Finance, MIT


Ron Dembo is a mathematician who left academe to found Algorithmics Inc, which operates in several countries to provide risk management support for leading financial institutions. He is co-author of Rules of Risk Management with Andrew Freeman.

Daniel Stoffman is the author of several books and co-author of Boom, Bust & Echo, one of the biggest sellers in Canadian publishing history. He will recast the book for each territory.