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A Handbook For Canadians

"...a most significant accomplishment...[The] book does indeed represent a very successful effort to 'demystify the law for the average person' excellent handbook for Canadians and...a very important reference for high school law classes."

The Honourable R. Roy McMurtry
Chief Justice of Ontario and former Attorney-General

"...this is a superior product. It is wonderfully accessible, with beautiful brevity and clarity...I am now as fully informed as a person can get...It is a glorious achievement."

June Callwood, Author, Journalist and Activist

"A reader need not be seeking the answer to a particular problem in order to find these chapters rewarding reading; they will appeal to anyone with an interest in public affairs and the legal system."

Carol Wilton, Ph.D., LL.B., from SCC Law Letter

What are the legal rights of an employee who is fired? How can people protect themselves against discrimination in employment, accommodation, public services and facilities? What if something happens to the baby in a midwife-assisted birth? Is a host liable if a party guest drives home drunk and has an accident?

With today's complex legal system, it's almost impossible for average Canadians to be well informed about their legal rights and responsibilities - even on everyday matters of marriage, divorce, child custody and workplace law. It's definitely impossible for them to keep track of such matter as libel and slander, negligence and insurance, bankruptcy and criminal law. Linda Silver Dranoff has dedicated much of her career to making the law more accessible to all Canadians. Everyone's Guide to The Law is the impressive result of her work, a complete reference that provides information and advice from conception to cremation.

Everyone's Guide To The Law is a reference book that gives every Canadian unparalleled access to useful, basic legal information and excellent general advice.

HarperCollins CAN Spring/97
Revised edition HarperCollins Canada 2001