Will Kymlicka


FINDING OUR WAY: Rethinking Ethnocultural Relations in Canada

Many people today believe that ethnocultural politics in Canada are spiralling out of control, with ever more groups in society making ever greater demands. Finding Our Way offers a more balanced view. Will Kymlicka argues that the difficulties involved in accommodating ethnocultural diversity are not insurmountable, and that Canadians have an impressive range of experience and resources on which to draw in addressing them. A crucial part of his argument is the distinction between the ethnic groups formed by immigration and the 'nations within' constituted by the Québécois and Aboriginal peoples, whose existence pre-dates that of the Canadian state. With respect to immigrant groups, he maintains that the 'multicultural' model of integration adopted by the federal government in 1971 has worked much better that is commonly thought, and can be adapted to new circumstances. The challenges of accommodating the self-government demands of national minorities are admittedly greater. Yet here too Kymlicka argues that we have lost confidence in our ability to work out fair and mutually beneficial solutions to ethnocultural conflicts, Finding Our Way makes an invaluable contribution to two critical national debates.

2004 Killam Prize for Social Sciences



"By far the best introduction to contemporary philosophy currently available."

- Philosophical Books

"[The book] represents a significant milestone in the renaissance of political philosophy...one of the first high-level surveys of the key lines of development in this renaissance, integrating diverse schools of thought and their literature in an enormously helpful way...For a higher level undergraduate or graduate course on contemporary political philosophy it would be ideal. Moreover, it is a serious work in political philosophy deserving the attention and respect of the mature political-philosophical community."
- Philosophical Quarterly

"It should become a core text in graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in contemporary political theory...Kymlicka has given us a book that is highly intelligent, clear, readable, and focused on crucial issues -- and sometimes brilliant."
- Political Theory

Dr. Kymlicka discusses each of the major schools of contemporary political thought: utilitarianism, liberal egalitarianism, libertarianism, Marxism, communitarianism and feminism, with in-depth discussions of influential contemporary American and British philosophers.

Comprehensive and up-to-date in its inclusion of communitarian and feminist approaches to justice, it also discusses common elements and differences among various theories.

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Will Kymlicka is the author of Liberalism, Community, and Culture (Clarendon Press/ OUP) published in 1989.