Elliot Leyton


Homicide in Modern
England and America

"...for a genuine understanding of what it takes to make us kill, give me Leyton every time."

The Independent/London

"...in this very timely study ... Leyton - an admirably marverick Canadian anthropologist -swiftly ditches some standard answers."

The London Times

Elliott Leyton, in poring over statistics and case histories in the files of British and American police, began with a central question: Why do homicide rates vary so much from country to country?

For example, the 1993 murder rate in New York City alone was 25 times the English rate. Other modern nations like Switzerland and Japan have low homicide rates.

Elliott Leyton's analysis of the differences and his conclusions will have a dramatic impact on those who ponder violence in modern society in the wake of rising crime rates and waves of domestic terrorism.

"The immediate cause of homicide is neither the desire nor the technology (both readily available) but the presence in the culture teaching people about the appropriateness of violence," he concludes.

Men of Blood demonstrates how this happens. And along the way, it explodes a lot of urban myths about murder.

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Elliott Leyton, an anthropologist with two bestselling books on murder and society, looks at murder in England and America and emerges with a brilliant and timely investigation into the roots of violence and the civilizing process of society.


Children Who Murder Their Families

"His compassionate approach has both humility and integrity and makes very good reading."

The New Statesman

"As in Hunting Humans the writing is vigorous and straightforward, the language in turn serviceable and subtle. Hunting Humans was an international success. Sole Survivor, being set squarely in the playing fields of reality will almost certainly enjoy a similar fate."

The Toronto Star

The world of the young person who slaughters his parents and siblings is explored in this book, leading us to the soul of the middle class family.

Through case histories spanning England, Japan, France and the U.S, we perceive the powerfully deforming forces in the modern family. It also offers a penetrating analysis of the function of the family in maintaining and advancing social status.

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The Rise Of The
Modern Multiple

In studying American multiple murderers, anthropologist Elliott Leyton writes, "I see their motives as so obvious and their gratifications as so intense that I can only marvel at how few of them walk the streets of America."

Hunting Humans, a classic treatise on modern American society, is riveting, terrifying, and important.

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