Nick Pron



The Unspeakable
Crimes of
Paul Bernardo
and Karla Homolka

In the annals of vicious sexual sadists and serial killers, Paul Bernardo and his stunning young wife Karla Homolka are unique.

Paul Bernardo, a graduate of the University of Toronto, was an apprentice accountant, and an undiscovered brutal serial rapist when he met 17-year-old Karla Homolka.

To keep her man happy, Karla participated in outrageous sexual exploits, many of them videotaped, which led to the heinous murders of two schoolgirls.

Was Karla the battered wife, terrorized by her husband, or a co-conspirator?

In an unflinching narrative which makes use of the couple's videotaped record, Nick Pron, a master of true crime, relentlessly unfolds the background, marriage, and crimes of the golden, small-town Canadian couple.

Doubleday/Seal CAN/95
Ballantine US/96
Chuo Art Shuppan Sha Ltd JAPAN/97


Nick Pron
Kevin Donovon


The Hunt For The Body Parts Killer

"Crime Story matches the standards set by such excellent American true crime writers as Joe McGinniss and yes, even Woodward and Bernstein."

London Free Press

In probing the death of a beautiful young Chinese woman, a talented violinist, victimized by her jealous lover, Pron and Donovan reveal the inner workings of a big city newspaper, the procedures of homicide detectives, and the sensitivities of a large Chinese population in North America.

Gripping, fast-paced, and poignant, laced with dark humor and bite, it is one of the great books of true crime.

Seal Books CAN/92
Literary Guild US & CAN/92