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This light-hearted action-adventure love story brings Sherlock Holmes to the present day for a final showdown with his arch-nemesis, Moriarty and an unexpected, highly unorthodox love affair with Samantha Watson, the great, great great granddaughter of his old comrade Dr. John Watson.

It is advertised in active development as a feature film produced by Ilya Salkind and Emanuel L. Wolf. Ilya Salkind is best known as the originator and producer of the blockbuster Superman franchise, and ranks among an elite group of producers whose films boast an average $250,000,000 in revenues.

In Jaron Summers' novel, Sherlock Holmes has been turned into a vampire by his evil enemy Moriarty, a vampire himself. In 2000, the emergence of a document and a bequest in a bank vault in London sends Watson's great great granddaughter Samantha on an adventure to assist the anguished vampire Holmes in vanquishing Moriarty.

This leads the charmingly hapless Samantha into a relationship with Holmes, and her own terrors in her encounters with vampires.

The novel has the working title Elementary, My Dear (iUniverse). The working title of the film adaptation by Summers and Jon Povill is Sherlock Holmes: The New Beginning.


A Novel

In 1962 Jerry Wonder, a 19-year-old Mormon missionary, leaves his comfortable home in South Dakota to journey half way around the world to the rainforests of New Zealand to save souls.

Elder Jerry Wonder's path to redemption is fraught with challenge. He is a compulsive masturbator, or in Mormon parlance, a self-pollinator.

Jerry makes a solemn covenant with his Father in Heaven that each time he self-pollinates, he will find a soul for Jesus. By the time he is in New Zealand for one month, he owes his Father in Heaven 40 converts.

Elder Jerry Wonder is also having trouble with his testimony. He perseveres, determined to be morally clean and to please his parents. After 23 months, he makes one convert--an elderly woman who electrocutes sparrows in her backyard to protect her roses. Leaders of the Mormon Church fear that this woman is in league with Lucifer.

Jerry may be morally unclean and uncertain in his faith, but he is a charmer. Somehow he manages to endure in the face of mounting odds and then exit gracefully.

Within its comic frame, the novel is informative about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It also shows how older men try to stifle and control young men.

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Samuel Johnson once said that "when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight it concentrates his mind wonderfully," thinks Jimmy Temple. And what does he have to concentrate on? How about a dead psychic billionaire, a Bel Air harridan of a stepmother, a genius of a plastic surgeon, and a drop-dead gorgeous woman who needs him in more than one way...

Jimmy Temple, a well-read, soft-boiled Los Angeles private eye, has just embarked on the wildest case of his career. Dubbed the Love Detective by the media, Jimmy makes a comfortable living in moneyed Bel Air by finding lost lovers for wealthy clients. But when Wanda Kincaid, a femme fatale straight out of a Chandler novel, chooses Jimmy to help catch her billionaire father's murderer, Jimmy can't resist taking the case. How does Wanda know Jimmy is her man for the job? She is psychic. And so, apparently, is Jimmy.

The secret of Jack Kincaid's fortune resides in the funeral home that has been in the Kincaid family for generations. When Jack Kincaid slept in his childhood bedroom, the room above the parlor's "wet room" where the corpses were embalmed, he could travel into the future and see other people's deaths. Then he would pose as a hit-man, contacting those who may want the person he saw dead, and collect a tidy fee for no work at all.

His psychic powers made Jack Kincaid a rich man. They also made him a twisted and morbid man, and a dead one. Or did they?

Jaron Summers' The Adjal Of Jimmy Temple is a thriller that takes us into the realm of the supernatural. Those who have psychic power are able to see certain people's Adjals, literally, their day of death. But what do you do if one of the Adjals turns out to be yours? Jimmy Temple is about to find out.

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JARON SUMMERS is a TV and screenwriter in Los Angeles and is the author of previous novels. Like his hero, he was a Mormon missionary in New Zealand.



Fast-paced thriller set in a shopping mall.

Serialization rights:
Cino Del Duca, Italy/95