Harold Troper


THE RESCUER: The Amazing True Story of How One Woman Helped Save the Jews of Syria

“An important story that had to be told . . . As this book shows, sometimes the power of one is greater than the ignorance of many”

 The Globe and Mail

“Over the course of 25 tumultuous, nail-biting, cloak-and-dagger years, this Toronto woman accomplished what entire governments and well-paid professionals could not...the rescue of the Jews of Syria. . . A fast-paced tour-de-force worthy of any spy novel.”

National Post

After seeing a news report about 12 Syrian Jews blown up in a minefield trying to escape their country, Judy Feld Carr, a Toronto music teacher, wife and mother, knew she had to help.  The Jewish population in Syria was living under intense police surveillance, in constant danger of imprisonment and torture. So, with no prior connection to the country or its people, she sprung to action.

For almost 30 years, Judy Feld Carr publicly championed the cause of Syrian Jews while secretly negotiating their escape  – dealing with smugglers, bribing officials, haggling over travel documents, arranging medical aid, and funneling money to the needy, even those in prison.

By 1995 she had engineered the rescue of almost 3,000 Syrian Jews. In the words of the Iraeli Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin, “…for all practical purposes, the entire Syrian Jewish community has left Syria. … Judy, the State of Israel salutes you.”

The Rescuer is the intensely dramatic story of how one woman moved from her quiet domestic life in Toronto into the shadowy world of international intrigue. It is a remarkable narrative of the heroic and deeply humanitarian actions of one seemingly ordinary woman, a compelling glimpse into the workings of a despotic regime, and a testament to the difference one individual can make on the lives of thousands

Harold Troper has co-authored several award-winning books including None Is Too Many: Canada and the Jews of Europe (“one of the most important books ever published in Canada”—the Literary Review of Canada),Old Wounds: Jews, Ukrainians and the Hunt for Nazi War Criminals; and Immigrants: A Portrait of the Urban Experience. He is a Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.

Previously published as The Ransomed of God, Malcolm Lester Books /99
Reissued by Lester, Mason & Begg 2007


by Harold Troper and Morton Weinfeld

Jews, Ukranians, and the hunt for Nazi war criminals in Canada.

Penguin CAN