Frank Wydra



In the bleak, non-descript suburbs of Detroit, a young man Haseeb Ashan arrives from a terrorist training camp in Pakistan. His mission: live below the radar, as invisible as a moth on sand.

Haseeb is in deep cover, attempting to set up a sleeper cell for an Islamist terror network. Detroit with its large, well established, prosperous Muslim population allows him to blend in.

His objective:  blow up the two bridges and tunnel linking Canada and Michigan, the busiest port of entry for goods, and the heart of the auto industry. If successful, hundreds of people will be killed and cities in two countries will be severely destabilized.

Meanwhile, a young Egyptian-American, Hakim Mussa from a prominent family is missing. His family is unaware that Hakim had been recruited by the cell to help wire remote detonators.

Worried about his son, Hakim's father hires Detroit detective  Matt Jaxon to find him. Jaxon, a former policeman, backed by a savvy team and the latest high tech devices, knows his way around the business world and the underworld.

Sophisticated, smart, and smooth, with self-confidence stopping short of swagger, Jaxon follows the clues through Detroit's tough drug gangs and the posh precincts of the integrated Arab community. Jaxon discovers the fate of Hakim, and the sinister plot. His problem now: can he foil the suicide bombers in time?

Wydra is an accomplished author whose characters are richly drawn, the pacing is tight, and the details are frighteningly accurate.

Frank Wydra is author of The Cure (Dell 1992) hailed by Ira Levin as "fast-paced and entertaining." It was praised by Publishers Weekly and the New York Times Book Review, along with writers, Gregory MacDonald, Richard Condo. It was translated into German and Korean.

Frank Wydra lives in Detroit and Florida. He foresees more cases for Matt Jaxon, the coolest detective in business.