Beryl Young



Follow the Elephant, is an entertaining novel for ages 9 to 12 about a boy's journey to India with his grandmother.

Ben Kaplan, 13, is angry, confused and disruptive after the recent death of his father. To halt his slide, he is pressed into a trip to India with his grandmother. Her stated purpose is to find her long lost pen pal Shanti.

The search for Shanti becomes a kind of scavenger hunt following assorted leads and clues. But the search also provides a brilliant framework to introduce fascinating details about culture, religion and life in India.

In the end, Ben achieves the nearly impossible--finding Shanti, a quest that is the equivalent of “finding a camel hair in the desert.” He also comes to understand the epigram in his guide book: "A traveller goes to India seeking adventure, but invariably what he finds is himself." And he emerges with new-found confidence and maturity.

Follow the Elephant explores Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism, subtly and fits well with Canadian Grade 7 and 8 curriculums on world religions.

Beryl Young had impressive first-time success with her novel Wishing Star Summer (Raincoast 2001).