David Penhale



Daniel Fusler has suffered a financial accident. After years working as an oil executive in Dubai, he has amassed a small fortune of $1million, enough to fund a comfortable future in Thailand.

He also plans to help out his daughter and 11-year-old granddaughter who are struggling to make ends meet in a rundown Toronto neighborhood.

So much for plans. All his money was resting in the vaults of the “safe as houses” British bank AMEB. It crashes and Fusler’s fortune is wiped out.

He is now living with his daughter Mary and a winsome 11-year old granddaughter Shauna. Fusler is job hunting at age 61 and learning that none of his managerial skills are marketable.

The tense relationship with Mary and the growing warmth between him and young Shauna is pitch perfect. A cautious, cool romance with a woman artist, who is a fellow victim in the bank collapse, is layered and revealing. Other pleasures are the wry social observations on contemporary culture which arise from Fusler’s hilarious attempts to get a job and rebuild his life while he hopes his fortune will be restored to him.

Manuscript available


David Penhale, worked in Dubai as a teacher. He has honed this novel through stints at writing workshops in Iowa. He lives in Toronto where he is working on a second novel.