Aileen Burford-Mason



 Aileen Burford-Mason, author of the acclaimed bestseller, Eat Well Age Better, (Dundurn Press, Canada) is an immunologist, cell biologist and an orthomolecular nutritionist – a specialized field of nutrition that uses diet and vitamins, minerals and amino acids and other substances naturally present in the body to treat and prevent disease. She graduated from University College, Dublin and received a Ph.D. in immunology in the UK. She is former director of a cancer research laboratory at Toronto General Hospital, and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. Currently she teaches a continuing medical education course on the use of diet and nutritional supplements in clinical practice across Canada. 

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The Healthy Brain

Better brains at any age with diet and supplements 


 This book will change the way you think about food, nutrition, and how to feed the brain for optimum efficiency. In short, it will change your life. 

Aileen Burford-Mason, who earned a Ph.D. in immunology, writes with exquisite clarity about advances in the science of the brain and its nutritional needs. “The brain,” she says, “is a complex, hard-working organ and it needs ten times the nutrition of any other organ. Most people are under-performing because their brains are under-nourished.” 

The brain issues she discusses include ADD, depression, brain trauma, concussion and of course, the big one--dementia. “Worldwide, dementia now affects 36 million people and these numbers will skyrocket as populations age. However, scientists now admit that dementia is not an inevitable part of the aging process. It’s a lifestyle disease, and poor nutrition and lack of exercise are the major risk factors.” 

The Healthy Brain outlines a life-long program that begins with pregnancy, childhood and adolescence, and moves through our working years and old age. In The Healthy Brain, she suggests dietary changes and appropriate supplements for optimal brainpower at any age. 

Smart, informative, reassuring and clear, you will want to keep this book close and discuss its suggestions for diet, exercise and supplements with your doctor.