Anne Petrie


"Anne Petrie's book is a triumph--impeccably researched, beautifully written, and gripping to read. It is assured a place of honour among the finest chronicles of women's lives."
June Callwood

McClelland & Stewart CAN/98


Remembering Canada's Homes For Unwed Mother

Anne Petrie's non-fiction book tells about life in "homes for unwed mothers." These institutions sheltered young women caught in what was considered the very shameful condition of being pregnant and unmarried.

Author and broadcaster Anne Petrie was one of those pregnant young women in hiding, and she weaves her own experiences into the accounts of other frightened girls.

Although most women vividly recall the spectre of these institutions, this era of women's recent history has not been chronicled.

Gone To An Aunt's is a powerful social history, at once familiar and surprising.

Anne Petrie, a journalist based in Calgary, is a familiar face and voice on CBC Newsworld where she hosts a nightly news program. She also is the author of three books on Vancouver.