Dr. Barbara Killinger


Key Porter Books


Rediscovering Your Feelings

When depression and anxiety exert their grip, feelings become dead. Sufferers report that they feel numb, flat, listless. Energy ebbs and fatigue is constant. Tears brim. Libido plummets. There is a loss of balance.

In her insightful and inspiring book, Dr. Killinger reports that the way to health is through a reconnection with feelings. Being emotional is not the same as being in touch with feeling. Giving in is not true generosity, but a form of dishonesty that leads to a loss of integrity. In her view, achieving balance between thinking and feeling is essential if we are to make wise decisions.

Dr. Killinger illustrates the process of regaining balance through the experiences of a couple suffering marital distress who come to her for counselling. She offers techniques for restoring feelings and becoming more effective in problem solving.