Bruce Allen Powe


Praise for The Aberhart Summer

“... A wonderful portrait of the time and place...A marvelous sense of the smell and the emotion...”
John Ralston Saul

“The writing of Bruce Allen Powe is like the Great Depression itself: spare, lean, and covered with a textured grit that owes much to the winds of imagination.”
The Toronto Star

“A tale that reverberates with pathos and mystery.”

“A concise, lyric gem.”
The Montreal Gazette

Praise for Aldershot 1945

“A solid historical whodunit with a great plot...A terrific novel...”
The Globe and Mail

Manuscript available

The Bean Counter

Ted Harrow is perched on the knife-edge of transition. His life as an Ottawa civil servant is over, a casualty of government downsizing and revenge from his rivals. His wife Noddie is in Nova Scotia to bury her mother and to protect her claim on the family house, which is being challenged by her two bothers.

When Ted joins Noddie in Nova Scotia, he is plunged into two mysteries. The first is the shipwreck of a vessel that mysteriously appeared in their secluded bay; the other involves the death of six local men involved in the rescue and salvage operation. Dark rumours, suspicion and threats engulf the tight and fractious community. Ted’s analytical skills are pressed into service by one of the widows. Another puzzle concerns Noddie’s brothers.  They are camped out in the house trying to wrest it for themselves, yet they have more splendid digs elsewhere.

The pleasure in the novel is the portrayal of the place and the people. The spice is provided by the questions. And the meaning is glimpsed in the hidden depths of motives and grievances.

Bruce Allen Powe is the author of six highly acclaimed novels, including his classic novel The Aberhart Summer, which was adapted for several successful stage productions, and has been in print since 1983.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Bruce Powe served overseas in the Canadian army and received an M.A. in economics from the University of Alberta. His succession of jobs in journalism , government, politics, advertising, PR, and the corporate world offer fertile ground for his fiction.