David Posen


always change a losing game

"Everyone should relate to this book at some time in their life. Dr. Posen teaches us, through practical and entertaining stories, how to make our lives better in every way – and inspires us to take action!"
Jack Canfield, Co-author, Chicken Soup For The Soul

Key Porter CAN/94
4th printing in Canada
S. Abdul Majeed Singapore/Malaysia/96


"If it's not working, stop doing it!" advises David Posen. "Change is a cure for stress," he says.

"Yet many distressed people resist beneficial change. People keep losing in business, sports, politics and everyday life by following a game plan that doesn't work. The solution to these repeated mistakes and failed strategies is, always change a losing game."

Although change is potentially threatening, in Dr. Posen's warm, sympathetic voice, the prospect sounds liberating. It becomes a mechanism for gradually taking control of our lives.

Using sports analogies, Dr. Posen helps people look at their failed strategies and shows them how they can change - change the situation, or change their attitude to the situation, or get away from the situation.

There is no shortage of advice on mastering stress but this intelligent, entertaining, and inspirational book on the curative powers of change is finding a sizeable audience.