Don Gutteridge

 Historical Mystery

Don Gutteridge, acclaimed poet and novelist, has completed 12 novels in this landmark series starring the dashing Marc Edwards. They will appeal to fans of Patrick O’Brian orBernard Cornwell.

 "Praise to Don Gutteridge for bringing so skilfully to life this important piece of our past: the long, hard struggle for responsible government"

-Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Don Gutteridge

Dubious Allegiance


Autumn 1837, Lieutenant Marc Edwards is sent with his British regiment to subdue increasingly hostile French rebels in what later became Quebec. The brutality causes Marc to question whether the sacrifices he has made for the British Crown have been worth the cost.

On his return to Toronto, Marc is accompanied by a group of seemingly innocent civilians.  It becomes clear that some fellow travellers are not who they claim and Marc is the target of an unknown assassin. When a member of the group is found murdered, Marc realizes that he may have more than one killer to worry about.