Don Gutteridge


Historical Mystery


Don Gutteridge, acclaimed poet and novelist, has completed 12 novels in this landmark series starring the dashing Marc Edwards. They will appeal to fans of Patrick O’Brian or Bernard Cornwell.

"Don Gutteridge has taken up his quill and written a riveting yarn of 1830s Upper Canada, steeped in conspiracy and political intrigue. Gutteridge is not only master of this historical period, he writes like a veritable visitor from it. He put me right there alongside his young Ensign Marc Edwards on this first exciting adventure, and I'll be with him for however many more there'll be in this wonderful series. Canadian history has never been more gripping and enlightening. The story burns, the pages turn, and the reader learns. Fans of Bernard Cornwell and Patrick O'Brian will love Don Gutteridge and his Marc Edwards Mysteries."
Terry Fallis
Leacock Award winning author of The Best Laid Plans

"The story sparkles with the rough-and-tumble life of hard-working locals caught in the insidious fight for their loyalty...written with understanding, compassion and wit. Writers of historical fiction have explored just about every period. Few have tackled the raw treasures in our own backyard. A well-written historical mystery should be both enlightening and entertaining. Turncoat is both."
Hamilton Spectator 

Simon & Schuster Canada 2010

First Edition
McClelland & Stewart Canada 2003


A Marc Edwards Mystery

Marc Edwards, disenchanted with legal studies in London and eager for action, joins the British army in 1835. Alas, he is posted to Fort York in Toronto, a colonial backwater north of Buffalo and Detroit. No place for glory.

The British have lost their southern American colonies and now a fractious populace north of the border chafes under British rule.

In Turncoat, Marc joins the ruling circle to investigate a murder. Was it a political killing by rebels trying to oust the British masters? Or was it a personal attack?

Marc’s loyalty to the British crown becomes complicated when he falls in love with Beth, a Reformer and he finds his sympathies drifting.

Marc solves the crimes but his romance awaits other episodes.