Don Gutteridge

Historical Mystery

“A lively, witty and frequently shrewd portrayal of life before Ontario or Canada existed...that puts entertaining round flesh on history’s bones.”
Joan Barfoot

“Gutteridge has a fine ear for Victorian voices, a keen eye for style and gets the characters just right.”
Margaret Cannon

Simon & Schuster 2011

Solemn Vows

A Marc Edwards Mystery

Solemn Vows opens with Marc’s humiliation in the pursuit of an assassin, and the murder of a prominent politician during a public rally.

The investigation takes Marc and his colleagues from the offices of the rebels struggling against the British to the mansions of ruling elite.

It takes them into the lives and bedrooms of several charming ladies.

And it increases Marc’s tension between his duty to the crown and his love for Beth, an American-born widow who continues to be active in the reform movement.