Don Gutteridge


Young Adult

Don Gutteridge

Borealis 2010

"The lessons about friendship and leadership are immediately transferable to audiences both young and old."

-Western News

The Perilous Journey of Gavin the Great

After a devastating flood destroys Earthwood, Gavin, a young raccoon and Ra-in-waiting, finds himself marooned in a desolate landscape with his two brothers. They set out to find food and shelter, and in their early travels meet up with a number of other survivors. Danger lurks everywhere in the form of a Tallwalker with a gun, and they have a number of narrow escapes before they make a shocking discovery. Gavin, shy and bookish, is a reluctant leader, but he takes on the role and leads the group into Everdark, where they confront grotesquely deformed beasts and a band of giant Squeezels. Using all his wit and store of raccoon lore, Gavin leads his little troupe towards Earthwood, earning his spurs and the honorific, Gavin the Great.