Donna Morrissey



Donna Morrissey grew up in the Beaches, a small fishing outport in Newfoundland. Her four previous, award-winning novels, drawing on her roots in that rich and rocky terrain, have been bestsellers in Canada and published in several languages, including German, Japanese, Swedish and Italian. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Donna Morrissey

Penguin Canada Fall 2012

Praise for The Deception of Livvy Higgs

"Morrissey slips beautiful turns of phrase into otherwise ordinary scenes or descriptions"

National Post

"Morrissey inverts this widely held belief: memory as potentially more factual than whatever myths we end up slipping inside of for protection from the elements... Readers will gain from spending time with this moving story, by taking away the reminder that no one needs to suffer loneliness 'when love was but a truth away.'"

Globe and Mail

"The arc of Livvy Higg’s life sears like a comet across a dark sky and burns into the reader’s heart.
This is a novel destined to become a classic that confirms the great gifts of Donna Morrissey."

Halifax Chronicle-Herald

"[F]rom its opening pages, Newfoundland native Donna Morrissey's latest literary novel will pull you in with the force of a riptide."

Winnipeg Free Press

"Morrissey’s skill with voices immediately draws the reader into the past along with Livvy"

Vancouver Observer

"This hauntingly beautiful novel lingers in the imagination like the sight of a storm-churned ocean, and confirms that Morrissey is one of Canada’s great storytellers."

Vincent Lam

"Haunting, emotionally insistent, lyrical and powerful in its portrayal of two unforgettable women whose fates are entwined by a violent act, this is Donna Morrissey's best work yet. Her writing has what Checkov called "indispensible layering of fact and feeling." Morrissey has brought the WWII era into the present with the disturbing intimacy of a seance. A rare accomplishment."

Howard Norman

“Contains startling images that stand out for their power and imagination... Morrisey has preserved her unique voice in this work, a voice rich in vernacular yet never shy of lofty, dramatic turns of phrase that create a sweeping, romantic atmosphere.”

Quill and Quire