Donna Morrissey


Kit's Law

“A Newfoundland Thomas Hardy...Morrissey’s work is a performance, an almost oral folk epic.”
The Globe and Mail

“A Wuthering Heights of the craggy coast of Newfoundland, a family epic of full (and fulsome) proportions.”
The London Free Press

Thomas H. Randall
Bookselllers Award
Barnes & Noble US
Discover a Great Author
Winifred Holtby Prize UK
Alex Award/ American Library Association
Forum Sweden 2004
Houghton Mifflin US 2003
Aoyama Japan 2003
Hodder&StoughtonUK 2002
Penguin Canada 2002
Cairo Italy 2009

Kit’s Law

This little miracle of a book, celebrated for the glories of old-fashioned story-telling, has become a perennial best-seller. Donna Morrissey, who grew up in the tiny outport where she sets her novels, gives us the lovable Kit Pitman.

At 14, never having known her father, Kit becomes responsible for her mentally handicapped mother when her grandmother dies. She fends off village busybodies who try to place mother and daughter in institutions.

Throughout the turmoil, Kit is sustained by a kindly doctor and the love of Sid, son of Reverend Ropson. Confronted by shattering revelations, Kit retains her courage and resilience.