Donna Morrissey


Downhill Chance

“Irresistible...Masterful...The rich, rocky terrain of Newfoundland has borne a native storyteller with talent to burn in Donna Morrissey.”
Sunday Tribune, Dublin


Forum Sweden 2004
Aoyama Japan 2003
Houghton Mifflin US 2001
Heyne Germany 2001
Hodder&Stoughton UK 2000
Penguin Canada 1999

Downhill Chance

There is no road to Rocky Head or The Basin, two tiny fishing hamlets hugging the isolated coves of Newfoundland.  Nonetheless, WW II intrudes.

Job Gale, a fisherman, hunter, logger, joins the army, leaving his distraught wife and two young daughters. When Job returns, he is broken in body and tortured with a secret shame that cascades over the family.

His young daughter Clair escapes by becoming a teacher at nearby Rocky Head, then falls in love with Luke, who courts her from afar with a story which reveals his own secret sorrow.

Donna Morrissey embraces the great dramas and themes of world literature in this deceptively simple story of two lovers.