Edward Shorter


Edward Shorter, American-born, who earned his PhD at Harvard is a renowned scholar and author. His plethora of books include the classic work A History of Women’s Bodies (Basic), A History of Psychiatry from the Era of the Asylum to the Age of Prozac (Wiley) a new works, The Historical Dictionary of Psychiatry (Oxford University Press), Written In The Flesh: The History of Desire (University of Toronto Press), and Shock Therapy with David Healy (Rutgers University Press).  He is a professor of history at the University of Toronto.


"A witty foray into the worlds of psychiatry and pharmacology."
Library Journal


Oxford University Press 2013


How Everyone Became Depressed

The Rise and Fall of the Nervous Breakdown


 This book argues that psychiatry’s love affair with the diagnosis of depression has become a death grip. Depression is a real illness, especially in its melancholic form. But most patients who get the diagnosis of ‘depression’ are also anxious, fatigued, unable to sleep, have all kinds of physical symptoms, and tend to obsess about the whole thing. They do not have a disorder of ‘mood’. It is a travesty to call them all ‘depressed.’ How did this happen? How did everyone become depressed?