Elvira Cordileone


The Memory Clinic

Elvira Cordileone worked at the Toronto Star for 22 years, starting out in the Ombudsman’s office and later writing features for “Special Sections.” The Fury is her first novel and she is working on a new Renata Ricard adventure. 


The Fury

Rennie Ricard, a crusading journalist on behalf of abused women, is covering a gala luncheon in support of women’s education when the door of the hotel ballroom is flung open and a gunman begins to massacre more than 25 people. Rennie narrowly eludes death when a young male colleague throws himself on top of her and pulls her under the table. He is not so lucky.

As Rennie struggles with grief and anxiety, a vigilante group calling itself Dirae, the Roman name for the Greek Furies, explodes on the scene. Their mission is to kill men who have killed women, and they use Rennie as a conduit to communicate with the public. 

Rennie herself has a troubled life. There is the ghost of her abusive father, a contentious divorce, and responsibility for her mother who is a shut-in. Yet, she has resources. She has a few caring colleagues, an ex-mother-in-law who mothers her, and an ability to make friends and alliances. But she doesn’t know who will turn on her next. 

She can’t resist pursuing the identity of the Dirae killers, especially when she discovers that her close friend Laura is beaten to death by her husband. Rennie’s anger leads her to reach out to the vigilantes, hoping they will strike down Laura’s husband. But when the three prominent women who spearhead Dirae capture him, they expect Rennie to pull the trigger.

Gun in hand, Rennie can’t kill in cold blood and one of the women turns the gun on her. Badly wounded, Rennie manages to escape. Months later she learns Dirae’s network is more extensive than she thought --and they intend to punish her.

Elvira Cordileone delivers a tense, raw, original thriller featuring a well-organized female vigilante group. It keeps you reading while it frightens you and breaks your heart.