Farzana Doctor


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Farzana Doctor is the author of two acclaimed novels Stealing Nasreen, and Six Metres of Pavement, winner of the 2012 Lambda Literary Awards for lesbian fiction. Born in Zambia to Muslim expatriate parents from India, her family immigrated to Canada. She lives in Toronto where she works as a psychotherapist. 




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All Inclusive

Two secrets grip Ameera’s life. One is the big unknown fact of her existence—the identity of her father and the reason he abandoned her. The other is a secret shame she hides from others. 

Born to a young white woman in Canada who had a fling with a student from India en route home, Ameera has no way of assuaging her curiosity about the fleeting and haphazard donor to her genetic pool. 

Her other secret is her obsessive pursuit of sexual dalliances with married couples. But rumors are circulating, complaints have reached head office, and her job at a resort in Mexico where she sells excursions to tourists, is threatened. 

Farzana Doctor, a skilled and sensitive writer, tells the story, not only from Ameera’s point of view but also from the perspective of her father Azeez and his family in India. 

Azeez had spent five years in Canada completing his Ph.D. To celebrate this milestone, he added another—losing his virginity. Then, he boarded that fateful Air India flight which had been sabotaged by a terrorist bomb. It crashed off the coast of Ireland killing all the passengers. Azeez’s family knew nothing of his child Ameera and attempts by Ameera’s mother to find and contact them failed in an agonizing progression of missed communications. 

At the all-inclusive Mexican resort, Ameera confides in a Canadian guest who listens sympathetically and volunteers to use her archival skills to see what she can uncover. Can Ameera emerge from the gaping hole in her history and the shame of her secret desire? Readers, stirred by empathy