Henry T. Aubin

Young Adult

Rise of the Golden Cobra

Henry T. Aubin, a Harvard graduate and former Washington Post reporter, is a columnist at the Montreal Gazette, where he has won three National Newspaper Awards. He is the author of acclaimed non-fiction book for adults on the Kushites, Rescue of Jerusalem: The Alliance Between Hebrews and Africans in 701 B.C. 

Rise of the Golden Cobra is his first work for young readers.

"Aubin keeps the pages turning... This is a well-crafted and intriguing adventure that exposes students to a different world, even as it offers them danger, excitement, and the opportunity to ponder serious moral issues."

School Library Journal (U.S.)

"Bursting with action, political intrigue and military strategy in enticing historical detail,... This is an epic adventure for young adult readers."

CanLit for Teens

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2008 Nautilus Book Awards Silver Winner
Children's Africana Book Awards 2008 Honour Book for Older Readers

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Rise of the Golden Cobra

A quest for revenge on the battlefields of ancient Egypt

Though only 14, Nebi is caught up in events that will shape his country’s future. When his master is brutally slain, he barely escapes into the desert. As the sole survivor of the treacherous attack, Nebi knows that only one man can stave off the destruction of this great civilization. That man is Piankhy, ruler of the African kingdom of Kush. In desperation, Nebi flees to this remote but powerful king.

Set in the eighth century BCE, this epic adventure dramatizes the true story of King Piankhy's command of one of the biggest military campaigns in Egypt’s history.

Through Nebi’s eyes, this world of furious ground battle, ship-to-ship combat, and cities under siege come to life. But another struggle is raging in the young man’s heart: Should he seek revenge against his murderous personal enemy, Count Nimlot?  Or should he forgive him his terrible crimes?