Henry T. Aubin

Young Adult

Rise of the Golden Cobra

Rise of the Golden Cobra

A quest for revenge on the battlefields of ancient Egypt

More Praise For Aubin's Novel!

"Aubin excels at his portrayal of two element of war--espionage and ingenuity. He creates a tense climate of secrets, codes, spies, double-crossing... With the Kushites, Aubin has obviously found uncharted territory for his considerable skills as a storyteller... The implications about the nature of heroism are all the more effective for being subtle."

Quill & Quire (Canada)

"A page-turner that boys in particular will love... Packed with adventure, action and timeless truths."

Montreal Review o f Books

"Compelling... A fast-moving and intriguing plot of military genius on King Piankhy's part... It is a journey into manhood as Nebi learns the truth of the king's wisdom that, to find real freedom, you can't keep hatred in your heart... Worthy of study in our middle year classrooms."

CM Magazine (Manitoba) 

"Rise of the Golden Cobra is a fine yarn--a good old-fashioned page-turner with a solid historical grounding... Lots of heart-in-your-throat descriptions of battles... It is to be hoped that a sequel to Rise of the Golden Cobra may not be far off."

Montreal Gazette

"A great book... Very exciting cover to cover, and the war scenes were incredible, filled with action... Five stars."

Keegan, age 13, KidsWrite