Acclaimed Biographer Sandra Tooze goes backstage with The Band

Levon Helm: From Down in the Delta to the Birth of The Band and Beyond

In a tour de force encore to her biography of blues legend Muddy Waters, Sandra Tooze returns with the first in-depth biography of legendary drummer and singer Levon Helm of The Band fame.

Featuring hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews with the major figures from Helm's life, including friends, family, fellow musicians and stars, Levon Helm: From Down in the Delta to the Birth of The Band and Beyond is an objective, balanced portrayal of The Band like it's never been seen before.

Human trafficking survivor Timea Nagy is 'Out of the Shadows'

She was twenty when she answered an ad in Budapest seeking young women for babysitting jobs in Canada. The job was a lie. They took her passport, her money and her freedom. They almost took her life.

Now, as one of the most recognized anti-human trafficking advocates, Timea works with law enforcement to combat human trafficking and rescue its victims.

Out of the Shadows is a gripping, fast-paced journey into the underworld of human trafficking from the perspective of a survivor. This is her story. Out of the Shadows is published in Canada by Doubleday.


Headshot of author Timea Nagy.



“Booklovers rejoice ... Terry Fallis has found the antidote for what ails our sorry world”


Bestselling author Terry Fallis returns to bookstore shelves with the heartwarming story of a young man whose talent as a champion golfer doesn’t coincide with his passion. Golf could make him a millionaire—but he would rather be a writer. 

Adam Coryell is 17 when he learns that his rare body type gives him a supernatural talent for golfing. With Ms Bobbie Davenport, his fifty-something high school creative writing teacher, along as his caddie, the odd couple embark on a remarkable journey to Augusta and beyond. Yet, Adam can't shake the feeling that golf is quickly becoming an albatross around his neck.

Terry Fallis imbues this tale with wit, humor and wisdom, and his portrayal of the unlikely friendship between Adam and Bobbie will prompt both laughter and tears. Golfers will be entranced. Readers will exult as Adam shows us that we can all vanquish our personal albatrosses. Albatross is published in Canada by Penguin Random House.

You can put down the self-help book now

Michael Ungar, Ph.D wants to 'Change Your World'

Acclaimed author and researcher in psychological resiliance, Michael Ungar, has an uncomfortable truth for the self-help industry: Telling people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps doesn't work. Especially when those people don't have boots.

Based on world-wide research spanning more than a decade, Dr. Ungar shows that persistence, smarts, or "grit" can take you only so far in life. Using real life case studies of people who have actually beat the odds, Dr. Ungar makes the case that when our lives are most in turmoil, the best thing to do is to change your environment to one rich in opportunities. In other words, it's easier to change your world than to change yourself. After all, "even Cinderella had a fairy godmother." Change Your World: The Science of Resilience and the True Path to Success is published in Canada by Sutherland House Books.