Howard Engel


East of Suez

"The great Canadian detective did not exist until Howard Engel invented Benny Cooperman."

Andrew Ryan
Globe and Mail


Howard Engel has been honoured with the Arthur Ellis Award for Crime Fiction, the Derrick Murdoch Award, the prestigious Matt Cohen award for literature, and the order of Canada. His novels have been adapted for film and radio and translated into more than a dozen languages.

He grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario a few miles north of Buffalo, New York which is the model for his fictional Grantham. He now lives in Toronto.

Penguin Canada 2008
Millionhouse Korea 2009

East of Suez

Having just recovered from a brutal attack, Benny Cooperman is ready to hang up his gumshoes for good.  That is, until his old friend Vicky shows up and pleads with Benny to help her find her husband Jake.

She last saw Jake in Miranam on the Malay Penisula where they were running a tourist business, ferrying scuba divers to a celebrated reef. Their life savings, a fortune in diamonds, has also gone missing.

Benny jets off in search of Jake and finds a world where life is cheap and nothing is what it seems.

People disappear and dead bodies turn up, but ever the detective,  Benny finds a new lease on life and realizes he’s not ready to give up sleuthing just yet.

East of Suez is the 12th in Howard Engel’s Benny Cooperman mystery series.