Howard Engel


Benny Cooperman Mysteries

The Cooperman Variations

Vanessa Moss, the sexy siren in the executive suite, hires Benny to protect her. He gets more trouble than he expected.

Dead and burried

Benny’s environmental anxieties fester when a trucker with hazardous cargo is murdered.

A victim must be found

Benny mixes with Grantham’s elite who buy, trade and steal paintings -- and also murder.

A city called July

The rabbi and the president of Grantham’s synagogue hire Benny when a lawyer absconds with the life savings of the congregation.

Murder sees the light

Benny is awash in black-flies, cults, and murder in the Canadian wilderness, while tracking a celebrity evangelist.


There was an old woman

An old woman whose estate is plundered leads Benny to corrupt lawyers and intrigue at a TV news station.

The Ransom Game

Did heiress Gloria Warren collude in her own kidnapping? Where is the money? Benny, the Mob, the cops and Gloria want to know.

Murder on Location

A Hollywood movie crew is shooting more than film at Niagara Falls.

Suicide Murders

Dr. Zekerman, Grantham’s wealthy psychiatrist, loses a patient to suicide. Benny suspects homicide.


Getting away with Murder

The local crime boss wants Benny to find out who is trying to kill him, and Benny can’t refuse.

“Engel keeps up the pace...lots of funny material.”
Washington Post

“Benny Cooperman is back and better than ever.”
Tony Hillerman

“His wittiest case ever!”

“Mr. Engel is a born writer, a natural stylist...This is a writer who can bring a character to life in a few lines.”
Ruth Rendell

“Engel can turn a phrase as neatly as Chandler.’’
Julian Symons

Howard Engel is Canada's best loved, best known mystery writer. His novels have been published in more than 15 countries, have been the basis of films and have won literary prizes and fans alike.