Jack Cahill


Forgotten Patriots

“In terms of drama, Canadian content, and storytelling, this book is a gem.”
The Montreal Gazette

Robin Brass Studio CAN/98


Canadian Rebels on Australia's Convict Shores

Canada, in its struggle for democratic government and independence from British rule, did spawn rebellions in the 1830s. Many freedom fighters were imprisoned, sometimes executed, and in some cases sent to the British colonies in Australia. Jack Cahill traces the dramatic stories of several Canadian and American men who endured unspeakable hardships in the quest for democratic principles we now take for granted. It combines the elements of fast-paced adventure, a poignant love story, and heroism on behalf of idealism.

Jack Cahill, a native of Australia, for many years was a foreign correspondent for the Toronto Star based in southeast Asia. He is the author of Words of War, a gripping account of the war in Vietnman and Cambodia and the retreat by the Americans from Saigon.