Jill Downie

Historical Fiction

Dance With The Devil

 Jill Downie is the author of nine novels and two biographies that have been widely published and translated. The Raven and the Glass, Turn of the Century, Angel in Babylon and Dark Liaisons are historical fiction. Her mysteries include Daggers and Men’s Smiles and Blood Will Out. 

Praise for her previous books: 

“Downie’s experience with historical novels…and her theatre skills stand her in good stead.” 

The Globe and Mail 


“Fascinating depths to both the novel and the mystery that has been written about it.” 

The Star Phoenix 


“In the styling of such greats as Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers…a captivating read.” 

Cozy Mystery Book Reviews 


“A masterpiece of restoration to delight and inspire.”

June Callwood 


“Jill Downie...brings a remarkable woman and her era to full life and colour.” 

Marian Fowler 

Manuscript Available

The Fashion Artist


 New York, 1904: Ariella Aleksandrov is a young seamstress from the tenement district when her talent for drawing catches the eye of John Cornish at Pinkerton Detective Agency. He has just the job for her: infiltrate the high-fashion world of the beautiful Marquise Harriet de Brisson and collect incriminating evidence against her for an unnamed adversary. 

Harriet has returned to New York after her aristocratic husband eroded her inheritance and deprived her of her little son. To replenish her coffers and gain custody of her child, she has launched Marquise Designs, a couture fashion house for glittering socialites. 

Ariella impresses the Marquise with her quick mind and skill as a fashion artist. She becomes Harriet’s trusted personal assistant and must navigate the rarefied world of luxury and larceny. As her affection for the Marquise blooms, Ariella reveals all to her employer. But Ariella must maintain her link with Pinkerton if she is to help Harriet determine who in her circle is working against her. 

It is a high stakes gambit for a Jewish girl in a cutthroat world of greed and ambition involving bankers, financiers, gamblers, servants, and denizens of New York’s demi-monde. Ariella and Harriet are confronted with murder, blackmail, and a mud bed of shifting loyalties. 


Jill Downie creates a seductive portrait of New York at the turn of the 20th Century infused with the spirit