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Joanna Goodman is the author of three critically acclaimed novels, Belle of the Bayou, You Made Me Love You and Harmony. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two young children, and is co-owner of a retail enterprise specializing in linens, home décor and fashion. 

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She's Got Baggage


Holly Moore has been a widow for two years. Her husband Scott, whose job on Wall Street provided a comfortable life for the family in Brooklyn, died with a handful of secrets. He neglected to disclose his large debts, the identity of the mysterious woman who was with him the night he died, and a lawsuit that consumed him for decades.

Holly, a devoted mother in her mid-thirties, has made her four children the focus of her life. But at the urging of her glamorous sister Courtney, she manages a spa getaway for two indulgent days.

Swathed in a Moshup Mud Cocoon, she meets Zack, who sweeps her off her feet. There is only one problem. He is determined to travel light and Holly is packing heavy baggage.

While Zack pursues her in New York, Holly neglects to mention small details – like her four kids. To mask her responsibilities, she adopts aspects of Courtney’s life and job and postpones the moment of truth with Zack far too long -- until after she’s fallen in love with him. Enraged by her deception, Zack ends their romance. 

In the meantime, there are the attentions of her next-door neighbor, who loves her baggage and is patient while she mourns losing Zack and wrestles with the unsettling revelations about her dead husband and the marriage she thought they’d had.

This is a grown-up comic drama, with a satisfyingly rich plot, a cast of appealing women and two attractive men, all making hard choices on how to live and love.