Joanna Goodman



“Joanna Goodman writes with compassion about human connections... Harmony is a richly nuanced and compelling tale about secrets, redemption, and one woman’s effort to live fully as wife, mother, and herself.”
Patti Henry

“Joanna Goodman is such a fine, polished writer. Harmony is an honest heart-wrenching and complex look at the tangled emotions and lives of both mothers and wives”
Michelle Berry

“Goodman’s solid writing is permeated with commentary on the societal pressures to have it all”   
Publishers Weekly


Penguin Canada 2007
NAL/Penguin USA 2007


A dark and surprising secret lurks at the heart of this comic novel. Soon, it will surface and profoundly alter Anne Mahroum’s sense of identity.

Anne, a perfectionist and collage artist, is married to Elie, A Lebanese-born numismatist -- a successful dealer in rare coins. They are blessed with a darling infant son, who to Anne’s distress, was born with clubfeet.

This clouds her fantasy of taking her perfect son to show her father -- a man she never knew.

Anne’s mother Jean, deliberately enigmatic, fled the marriage and his farming community in the Rockies, when Anne was a toddler. She never looked back.

The events showcase Joanna Goodman’s flair for comic observation and characters who are warm and fully human. The ending is as surprising as it is satisfying.

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