John Ballem


"This is a clever little puzzle-plot in the Agatha Christie mold."
- Globe & Mail




Dundurn CAN/ 2002


Artists, writers, musicians, dancers, and actors come to the Banff Centre for the Arts to work in the peaceful mountain setting. But when Alan Montrose is found dead, that peacefulness is shattered. Some even go as far as to suspect foul play was involved in the playwright's death, though most accept the fatality as merely an accident.

Then, a second death occurs. Erika Dekter burns to death inside the boat studio. And this time, it is clear that it was no accident. Are the two deaths connected? If so, who wanted these two artists killed? These are the questions that aspiring author Laura Janeway grapples with as she launches her own investigation of the crimes.

One thing is certain: to find out who is responsible for the deaths, Janeway must be suspicious of everyone in the closely knit artists' colony. And with grudges, professional jealousies, and affairs hanging in the air, there are more than enough suspects.