Ken McGoogan


Fatal Passage
“In Ken McGoogan’s artful telling, John Rae emerges from the shadows to take his place among the most intriguing of the 19th century arctic explorers. This is delightful reading.”
Andrea Barrett
Author of The Voyage of the Narwhal
The Drainie-Taylor
 Biography Prize

The Lila Common Award for Canadian  History

The Grant MacEwan
Author’s Award

The Christopher Award

Carroll & Graf USA 2002
Bantam Press UK 2002
HarperCollins Canada 2001
Film PTV

Fatal Passage

The Arctic Adventurer Time Forgot

In May 1854, John Rae, a young Scottish doctor, achieved the goal dozens of Arctic explorers had attempted and failed. He discovered the key link in the Northwest Passage, and he learned the shocking truth of cannibalism among the starving crew of the expedition led by Sir John Franklin.
Rae’s heroic achievements were almost wiped from history by Franklin’s widow who enlisted Charles Dickens in her campaign against him.
This is an amazing tale of bravery in the wilderness and treachery in the salon.
In 2009 Fatal Passage was turned into an acclaimed documentary, Passage, for the BBC and History Channel.