Ken McGoogan


Ancient Mariner
“Brisk, readable books about Englishmen doing great things...don’t come much better than this.”
The Observer
“A gripping tale of genuine adventures, very well told.”
Kirkus Reviews
Bantam Press UK 2004
Carroll & Graf USA 2004
HarperCollins Canada 2003
Ancient Mariner
Arctic adventures of Samuel Hearne, the sailor who inspired Coleridge’s poem
The life of Samuel Hearne is a story of love, friendship, heartbreak, and unspeakable brutality. Hearne, the first European to reach the Arctic coast of North America, made a remarkable 3500-mile journey over land in his quest for copper.
The harrowing expedition culminated in the infamous massacre of Bloody Falls in 1771. Later, Hearne was captured by the French in a siege against his Arctic outpost. He was torn away from his lover, a native woman, who tragically died before he could return to her.
McGoogan argues that Hearne’s tale of horror and despair inspired Coleridge’s classic poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.