Lyndsay Green



Lyndsay Green is a sociologist and authority on communications technologies for learning. She has worked with groups as diverse as the World Bank, the National Film Board and the Inuit of Canada. 

Green is Chair of the Board of Arts for Children and Youth, and Chair of the Advisory Board of the University of Toronto Art Centre.  The American textbook Computers and Information Systems calls Green an “information agent of the future.”



Thomas Allen Canada 2011

Teens Gone Wired

Are you Ready?

When deep social change reshapes our lives, social mores often take time to catch up. This book offers a moral framework for parents and teens on how to cope and how to behave within the exciting and game-changing social phenomenon of technology. 

The digital revolution has left many parents feeling intimidated by the world their teens inhabit and they worry that they lack the experience to parent effectively. Teens Gone Wired: Are You Ready? examines today’s parenting challenges from the totality of the teen experience:  the teen mind, the social teen, the teen spirit, the teen citizen, the teen body, and the teen-parent connection. The book combines advice from dozens of parents with a wealth of recommended sources, including links to the many support systems to be found online.

By recounting stories from parents who’ve been there and providing practical tips, the book shores up parents’ confidence and gives them the tools they need to raise today’s teens. The book’s real-world perspective is enhanced by dialogues between parents and teens, as well as input from teens and former teens who offer their advice to parents.

Parents have a critical role in mediating their teens’ experiences with both the digital and the real world. Moreover, they must confront their own relationships with these worlds. The book gains its clear-eyed perspective from the author’s decades of experience as a consultant in learning technologies and as a mother of two former teens who never knew a day before computers. While the book is unflinching in acknowledging the trials that parents face today, it supports the author’s optimism that parents are not only capable of doing a good job, they can have fun along the way.

Lyndsay Green is author of the bestselling You Could Live a Long Time: Are you Ready?