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Martyn Burke works in a multitude of worlds, moving between novels, films, and documentaries. He has published six highly acclaimed novels, been nominated for Emmys, as well as Director’s and Writer’s Guild awards for his feature and television films. He has made award-winning television and theatrical documentaries including the Academy Award-short listed Under Fire: Journalists in Combat, and co-wrote the classic comedy film Top Secret. He divides his time between Los Angeles and Toronto.

Music For Love or War


Praise for 

Music For Love or War 

“Music for Love or War is slash-and-burn funny, but also unexpectedly touching and wise. Few writers can take you in one breath from the hills of Afghanistan to the gates of the Playboy mansion, and make you believe every crazy word. Martyn Burke has that special talent."

Carl Hiaasen


“A glorious globetrotting epic spanning class, race, and ethical borders. Burke’s personal history as a Hollywood filmmaker and combat-zone documentarian makes this book seem less written than lived—it is filled with the crystalline details and hard-earned truths that can only be gained through on-the-ground experience. Burke is a marvel. Read this book.” 

Craig Davidson, author of Giller nominated Cataract City 


“Burke has written a beautiful, gripping, and timely story of love, friendship, and war. This is stunning storytelling that will make your heart race, break, then soar.” 

Terry Fallis 


"Burke finds enduring love amid Afghanistan's endless war and a magical story emerges from the ashes." 

Paul Watson


"Gripping, hilarious, otherwordly, brutal, heartbreaking. A transcendental tale of love and hope for a post-911 world." 

Jon Steele


“A whirlwind story, equally hilarious and heartbreaking, about the various kinds of love and war -- and quite unlike any novel you’re likely to read.”

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