Mary Jackman


Praise for Spoiled Rotten:

“Liz Walker, [is] a lively and believable character... and grabs your attention. She’s a gem.”

The Star Phoenix

“Jackman’s entertaining debut, centered on a cozy Toronto bistro, is sure to appeal to anyone interested in the restaurant business.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“Spoiled Rotten is Light summer fare that also makes one salivate with all its talk of food... fun and full of drama.”

Halifax Chronicle Herald

Manuscript Available

Finger Food


A severed finger is delivered to the Corner Bistro in a lettuce crate. The police soon discover it belongs to Norman Fitzgerald, a recent murder victim found in a crop circle. The macabre story is leaked to the press and the restaurant fills up with diners dressed in Martian costumes. Business is business and Richard Best, manager of Corners can’t believe their good fortune. Roni Taylor, the owner, is not so sure. 

Roni, curious about the crop circle, visits the farm and receives a brutal welcome. She is attacked, her newly acquired friend Ramona disappears and Alex Silva, Ramona’s husband, is murdered. The most interesting resident, and possible suspect, is Ramona’s lover John Mackinnon, a country playboy with a penchant for married women. 

Roni is susceptible to John’s entreaties to find Ramona and help clear him of charges. The adventure beats sorting dirty linen and the mundane tasks of running a restaurant. 

This is the start of a new mystery series with Roni Taylor and the Corner Bistro in Ithaca, New York. 


Mary Jackman is a witty and lively writer, bringing murder and suspense to the restaurant business. She certainly knows the terrain, she is the former owner of a popular restaurant, Peter Pan in Toronto, where several noted chefs got their start.