Michael R. Marrus


The holocaust in history

"The best assessment available on the state of knowledge on the Final Solution, on motives, resistance, and collaboration, as well as the reaction of the outside world. This book is also the best short review of this tragic period."
Walter Laqueur

"It is an ideal introduction to the subject for any student of the Holocaust, and an authoritative summary for the experts."
Yehuda Bauer Hebrew University, Jerusalem


U.P.N.E. US/87
Lester & Orpen, Dennys CAN/88
Weidenfeld and Nicolson UK/89
Penguin Books UK/89
New American Library US/89
Penguin Books Canada CAN/89
Editions Eshel FR/90
Il Mulino IT/92
Wieda Powszechna POL/93
Jiji Tsushin-Sha Japan/96

-History Book Club Main Selection
-Wallace Ferguson Prize
-Toronto Jewish Book Award
-Outstanding Academic Book 1988-89


The Holocaust in History, brings together the findings of historians on important questions. How did Nazi police evolve to mass murder? How should we evaluate the roles of collaborationist governments, allies of the Third Reich, and the Jews themselves? Would there have been a holocaust without Hitler?

Michael Marrus, a professor of history at the University of Toronto, is also the author of Mr. Sam: The Life of Samuel Bronfman, an award-winning biography; The Unwanted: European Refugees in the 20th Century (OUP); and co-author with Robert Paxton of Vichy France and the Jews.