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Praise for We Generation:

"Can the “Me Generation” of baby boomers raise a “We Generation” of consciously compassionate, less self-involved kids? Canadian psychologist Ungar believes so... Each of these eight, action-oriented chapters offers anecdotes, self-evaluation tools, lists of activities and strategies for generating excitement about being part of a wider world... [This book] is timely. Just as cardigan-clad Mr. Rogers embodied this concept in his PBS neighborhood, Ungar reframes it for today's families."
Publishers Weekly

 “In this uplifting book, Ungar reminds parents of the essential work ahead if we hope to raise socially responsible children. Children, Ungar says, "want roots, wings and an audience to appreciate them."” 
Montreal Gazette

"Michael Ungar does a brilliant job of pointing out why, in a world that offers them more social connections in one year that a mere couple of generations ago would have had in an entire lifetime, children still feel alone, since they are inherently social creature with a desire to help others. He also does a brilliant job of explaining how parents (as well as teachers and coaches) can help children develop this inherent sense of altruism, enhanced by the shockingly contradictory reality offered by today’s 'Me-society'."

 Dundurn 2015

I Still Love You

Nine Tips for Parenting Really Difficult Kids


Michael Ungar, who is world-renowned on topics of families and youth in crisis, knows about troubled children. He knows what puts them at risk and he knows what makes them safe and resilient. 

In this beautiful and helpful book, Michael Ungar takes us into his world each Wednesday when he meets with three families with very troubled children. But here, Michael is not the all-knowing therapist. He, too, had been a troubled teen, growing up in an emotionally neglectful and physically abusive home, and he shares his struggles. 

In the group, Michael discusses nine strategies for raising problem-free and flourishing children. They are: structure, consequences, parent-child connections, lots of peer and adult relationships, a powerful identity, a sense of control, a sense of belonging, spirituality and life purpose, fair and just treatment by others, and safety and support. 

Hopeful in tone, and using knowledge gathered across cultures, I Still Love You: Nine Tips for Parenting Really Difficult Kids does more than just tell parents what to do. Recounting the stories of three struggling families, Ungar shows that it is never too late to help a child. 

I Still Love You is not only a guide for parents and a gritty tale of the everyday heroics of parenting challenging kids, but it is also a singular work of literature. 


Dr. Ungar is also the author of We Generation: Raising Socially Responsible Kids, Too Safe for Their Own Good: How Risk and Responsibility Help Teens, and Playing at Being Bad: The Hidden Resilience of Troubled Teens. He appears regularly on radio and TV and is in demand as a lecturer and keynote speaker at conferences and workshops for parents and professionals. For information on  Michael Ungar's speaking engagements, please visit http://www.keynotespeakerscanada.ca/speaker/michael-ungar

Michael Ungar was awarded the Canadian Association of Social Workers Distinguished Service Award for Nova Scotia for his career contribution.

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