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Walking Since Daybreak

































Walking Since Daybreak

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Walking Since Daybreak is a deeply moving and intellectually challenging view of modern history and its meaning for modern man… In its fresh look at the legacy of World War 11, Eksteins’ fine book builds a frame in which the crucial questions of modern history and its meaning are, insistently, to be asked.”

Los Angeles Times


“Modris Eksteins…has astutely and thrillingly braided together the tortured history of modern Latvia, his own personal story…and the fate of his family…Eksteins, a wonderfully complex truth teller who has with this book placed Latvia within the world’s imagination.”

Washington Post


Walking Since Daybreak, an authoritative and moving mélange of historical analysis, family legend, and memoir…”

The Boston Globe


“…a brave and unusual departure. It isn’t quite history, although there is a lot of history in it…he focuses on what was characteristic for that time…”

Times Literary Supplement


“…as Eksteins’s terrible and marvelous work shows, to be modern is to be complex and fragmented. There is no simple truth, about the Baltics or soldiers or anything else.”

The Globe and Mail


“…a provocative, marvelously evocative new history…”