Morley Torgov

Historical Mystery


 Praise for Morley Torgov’s Hermann Preiss series: 

“Torgov has just the right feel for this kind of writing, never coy, solid with his history but not allowing the facts to get in the way of a good joke.” 

Toronto Star 

“You don’t have to be a classical music lover to enjoy this one.” 

Publisher’s Weekly 

“Worthy of Hitchcock.” 

The Whole Note 

“This is a story well told: Setting, character, plot, enriched by the lifestyles and colours of the time. Murder is investigated, clues unearthed, expanded and timed to keep the reader turning the pages. Music and mystery make captivating partners.” 

Hamilton Spectator 

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Key Witness

The cast of Morley Torgov’s new mystery is dazzling. There is Franz Liszt, a virtuoso of the piano, and heartthrob of 19th C Europe. There is PT Barnum, the flamboyant American showman. And there is a young Mark Twain, soon to be a celebrated author and humorist.  To assuage Liszt’s concerns about security, Barnum engages Dusseldorf detective Hermann Preiss who captivated readers in Torgov’s two previous mysteries set in the world of classical music.

To the main characters, add Liszt’s egomaniacal American rival, a couple of avaricious manufacturers of grand pianos who are fighting to have the Maestro endorse their instruments, and two or three beauties on the prowl for opportunities. With riches, fame, and recognition on the line, corruption is inevitable and so is murder. 

Morley Torgov is the author of nine novels, including two previous Hermann Preiss mysteries. Murder in A-Major featuring Robert Schuman and The Mastersinger from Minsk featuring Wagner have been translated into French, Greek, and Korean with others pending. 

Two of Torgov’s books—The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick and A Good Place to Come From­—have been adapted for stage, film, and a TV series. His literary prizes include the Leacock Medal for Humour. Although his mysteries are deadly serious, his irrepressible wit is evident.