Morley Torgov

Historical Mystery

"It's still easy to see why, in the early days of his long writing career, Toronto's Morley Torgov won two Leacock medals for humour. Since his first win in 1974, Torgov has retained his aptitude for subtle amusement. 

This is so even in his first venture into crime genre fiction, which shifts back in time to the 19th-century European world of what has become known as classical music."
Joan Barfoot
London Free Press

"A nicely constructed whodunit." 
Globe and Mail

"This is a story well told: Setting, character, plot, enriched by the lifestyles and colours of the time. Murder is investigated, clues unearthed, expanded and timed to keep the reader turning the pages. Music and mystery make captivating partners."
Hamilton Spectator 

Metaixmio Publishing Greece 2009
Sallim Publishing Korea 2009
Actes Sud France 2009
Napoleon RendezVous US/Canada 2008 

Murder in A-Major

Take one of the crowning musical geniuses of mid 19th century Europe, surround him with enemies, add several scoundrels, including one who ends up murdered under highly mysterious circumstances. and there you have the world of Robert and Clara Schumann in Germany in the 1850’s.

This historical mystery explores what or who was driving Robert Schumann mad.  It is a world where classical composers were stars, and their egos were just as monstrous as rock stars of today.

Inspector Hermann Preiss moves through the fashionable music world of Dusseldorf, uncovering dark secrets and perhaps, a final answer.

Morley Torgov is an award-winning author of six previous novels. The Outside Chance of Maxmillian Glick, was made into a movie that took the main prize at the Toronto International Film Festival and was also the basis of  a 26 part CBC TV sit com.  His first book A Good Place to Come From  was adapted for TV and for 3 full length stage plays by Israel Horovitz, that have enjoyed productions at numerous community theatres  in the U.S.

He has exceptional knowledge of classical music, and has balanced two careers for most of his working life--writing and practicing law.  He lives in Toronto.