Morley Torgov


Raincoast Canada 2002


Benjamin Marshall, age 13, chooses to spend his summer vacation with his cranky grandfather Ira instead of going to camp. It is not an easy time for either of them. Ben's parents are in the midst of a divorce and his grandfather faces a professional dilemma.

Ira has practised law in the town of Port Sanford for almost 40 years. He is a stickler for the law, for rectitude, for discretion, and for rules. Yet, he now is determined to break the rules.

When his wealthy client Mrs. O'Hearn dies, Ira becomes executor of her will. He must distribute vast sums to her ungrateful niece and nephews. Even worse, he must have her precious dog killed. Mrs. O"Hearn did not want her beloved pet to live without her.

When Ira can't face killing the dog, he wakes Ben, takes the pet, and the three hit the road. In hot pursuit are the three greedy relatives and the sheriff.

This unconventional road trip proves brief, but the experience and revelations likely will shape Ben's outlook and his future.

Available as an ebook from Bev Editions.