Pat Capponi


Vital Secrets

“A most unusual original heroine, and a welcome addition to the genre.”
Joy Fielding

“No one can portray the marginalized as well as Pat Capponi... clearly the author knows these people and that comes through on each page.”
Catherine Gildiner

"'s a worthy sequel to Last Stop Sunnyside. Pat Capponi has successfully taken her unlikely herione from accidental investigator to professional sleuth."
Globe and Mail

“Capponi tells the story with the end, I was really rooting for Leoni and her ragtag gang of unlikely detectives.”

“... the novel is laced with the sort of wry humour that is Capponi’s signature survival tool.”
Toronto Star

The author of five works of non-fiction, Pat Capponi made a spectacular debut as a mystery writer with Last Stop Sunnyside. For three years, struggling with her own demons, Capponi lived in a boarding house more grim than the one she portrays in her novels. She became a leading advocate for the mentally ill with the mantra of  “a home, a job and a friend.”

HarperCollins Canada 2008 World Rights

The Corpse Will Keep

A Dana Leoni Mystery

Wealthy businessman Bernie Preston persuades Dana to investigate why his mother, an elegant dowager known for charity work among the homeless, is handing over wads of cash to low-lifes.

It is the perfect case for Dana and her friends who are at home among street people and soup kitchens.

But the assignment turns dangerous. Jesse, a  volunteer at the church, kidnaps Dana and holds her hostage with Mrs. Preston.

Jesse had targeted the older woman when one his girlfriends revealed her secret, allowing him to invade her life, her home and her bank account. There is a grisly climax before Dana’s housemates come to the rescue.

Pat Capponi’s talent for suspense, and astute eye for telling details of social class, make her second outing richly rewarding.